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Medical Eye Care

Your eyes are organs which can be affected by many diseases. Your eyes are the one place in your body where blood vessels and nerve tissue can be directly observed and imaged. The vasculature in your eyes is commonly affected by conditions like diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases and blood disorders. Other parts of your eyes are commonly affected by autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, sarcoidosis and neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis. It’s easy to see that the eyes can tell us a lot in regards to your health and the effectiveness of treatments for any health problems you may be dealing with.

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In addition to comprehensive routine vision exams the doctors and staff at TMS Eyecare provide care for your eyes specific to any medical conditions you have. We treat and manage many ocular diseases and we communicate our findings with the rest of your medical team and doctors who are managing any underlying systemic conditions you may have.

Some of the more common conditions include:

The doctors at TMS Eyecare also provide Urgent Eye Care. For an injury or accident, sudden vision changes or things you are seeing that nobody else does (flashes and floaters), sudden eye pain or double vision we should be your first call:

If you have something stuck in your eye, from wood pieces to metal shavings to insects we’ve seen it and foreign body removal is a regular part of our day.

Corneal abrasions or scratched eyes happen for plenty of oddball reasons and relief is rapid with the proper treatment.

Red eyes are sometimes harmless but frequently can be very contagious and sometimes can permanently damage your vision if not treated appropriately.

Sudden vision changes or double vision can often indicate a very serious underlying health condition and need to be evaluated promptly.

Whether you have itchy watery eyes, a stye, a foreign body or something more serious give us a call any time of day and we will get you taken care of.

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