What is telemedicine?
We are committed to providing our patient family top-notch and cutting edge eye care and service. We have added telemedicine to our toolbox as a way to better serve you. Telemedicine refers to the use of video conferencing technology to evaluate, diagnose and care for patients. While it cannot replace in person visits for all eye care needs, it does provide a secure and HIPAA compliant way to have many urgent care situations evaluated and also is useful for many follow up visits. If your situation cannot be accurately addressed via telemedicine we will schedule a time to meet in person for further evaluation.

When to use telemedicine?

During off hours and especially during our current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, this will allow you to get care from your doctor without the need for you to get out, take time off work, or be forced to make the decision to either wait for the office to reopen or seek care at the ER or other urgent care setting.

What about the cost?

Depending on what exactly is going on the price for the telehealth visit can range from $0 to $85. In certain situations that require an in person evaluation within 24 hours, there will be no charge for the telemedicine visit. Kansas does provide health insurance parity for telemedicine which means that if you have health insurance we will file a claim to your insurance company just as if you were being seen in the office. Copays and deductibles do apply for most insurance companies.

We do ask that you please respect your doctor’s family time and only use this service for urgent/emergency reasons and not for routine visits, broken glasses or having run out of contact lenses.