Made In The Shade(S).

While it doesn’t have to be summer or even sunny in order for you wear sunglasses, here is the answer as to why you should.

Now the obvious answer is “because my coolness factor jumps by 5x.” While this is true it’s probably the least important reason in the grand scheme of things.  Protection is why, as I’m sure most of you know, protection from the evil UV rays that cause skin cancer (your eyelids are a very common spot to develop skin cancer by the way). Those same UV rays are one of the major causes of growths on the eye like pinguecula, a thickening of the clear membrane that overlies the white of the eye; and callous-like growths that can extend over the cornea (pterygium). UV exposure also is a contributor to early cataract development and macular degeneration.  

So defend your eyes, and try as hard as you can to get your kids to wear sunglasses too.  UV damage is a cumulative thing so early prevention is best.  Sunglasses offer a good defense from damage caused by UV A and UV B rays but please – please – please make sure you’re getting true protection. Your pupils will dilate more behind the dark tint of sunglasses, if the shades do not provide adequate UV protection, you can do more harm than good by wearing them as more UV rays will enter through a larger pupil.  When buying your shades (non-Rx) look for either “100% UV A and UV B blocking” or “UV400” on the label.  Or feel free to stop in to any of our offices and we can help put together a prescription set for you.  Either way, get protected and get your kids into the habit of wearing their shades early on.  Now get out there, enjoy the summer and look awesome doing it!