Just Keep Swimming

At some point in our lives we are dealt a blow and face hardships, sometimes many.  I hope that the next time I face tribulations that my response mirrors that of this young lady and her family.  11 year old Mallorie was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia in December of 2013.  She has undergone multiple treatments and spent way more time in the hospital than any kiddo should.  Now, Mallorie isn’t your average 11 year old as you will quickly see if you read her Mom’s take:  When It All Falls Out.

Her prognosis is positive but she will continue to need treatment for the next several years. This brings me to the point. To help the family with medical expenses, a 5k race/silent auction/general good time and fun morning fundraiser has been scheduled beginning at 9AM April 26, 2014 at Andover Central Park.  ALL proceeds from the event will go directly to Mallorie and her parents.  We are proud to help sponsor this event and hope that you will come participate, get your face painted, have a good time and maybe even run a race.  You can sign up here: Team Mallorie 5k and Fun Run Online Registration  or stop by any of the TMS Eyecare offices to pick up a paper registration form.  For more information about the event (as it develops) check out Team Mallorie and Team Mallorie – Leg Up On Leukemia 5k and Fun Run on Facebook.  We hope to see you there!