Dealing With Dry Eye: LipiFlow Treatment

For people with mild, moderate, or severe dry eyes, a new form of treatment is available. Until recently, the treatment for dry eye syndrome typically involved artificial tears or eye drops. Other treatments included dietary supplements, meibomian gland expression, punctual plugs, and warm compresses.


About Meibomian Gland Dysfunction


MGD is the most common cause of dry eyes. Your tears contain a mucus layer, water layer, and oil layer. These three layers keep the surface of the eye comfortable and well-lubricated. Located along the rims of the eyelids, the meibomian glands secrete oil to the tear film.


MGD refers to the clogging of these glands, leading to insufficient oil production for the tear film. As the quality and amount of oil decrease, tears evaporate too quickly, resulting in dry eyes. Only an eye doctor can adequately diagnose whether you have MGD. Your doctor can recommend several treatments, but LipiFlow is the most effective and common form of treatment.


LipiFlow Treatment


The LipiFlow thermal pulsating system is a specialized non-invasive treatment designed to relieve the symptoms of dry eye. It is quite effective against chronic dry eye disease related to MGD.


Patients with this condition account for up to two-thirds of dry eye syndrome. It occurs when these eyelid glands fail to release adequate oil or when the oil secreted causes tears to evaporate too quickly.


The LipiFlow device produces heat that causes oil blockage in the eyelid glands to break down. Consequently, the glands return to producing adequate oil for your tears. It directly addresses the main cause of the problem. It produces a gentle and warm heat to your eyelids while simultaneously applying gentle pressure or massage.


This combination is very effective in removing blockages in the glands and allowing them to secrete oil. After your treatment session, your meibomian glands will be able to resume their natural production of oil.


Why You Should Consider LipiFlow


This is the only FDA-approved medical device meant to treat the root cause of MGD. It can help restore the natural balance of your tears. Any imbalance will prevent your tears from working as they should. You need to understand that the purpose of tears is to comfort, lubricate, protect, and wash debris from your eyes.


LipiFlow vs. Eye Drops


The treatment also works better than eye drops. When you put eye drops into your eyes, most of the contents tend to run down your cheek even if you have excellent aim. Therefore, your eyes will not receive all of the drops contained in the bottle. This is an unfortunate waste of money and medication.


With LipiFlow, however, there is no waste since the treatment aims to help you produce the exact amount and quality of tears you need. Furthermore, it is a natural treatment that addresses the root cause of your dry eye symptoms, in addition to treating the symptoms.


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