Why Is It Important to Wear Sunglasses in the Sun?

Based on a recent survey, almost 90 percent of individuals understand that eye protection is vital in achieving optimal health. Those who were not part of that survey only wear sunglasses to make a fashion statement or just to tone down the sun’s glare. Wearing sunglasses in the sun should be a habit especially since the sun’s rays are getting more intense. If you’re not used to wearing a good pair of sunglasses on sunny days, here are some good reasons for you to start doing so.

Shield From the Elements

When you step outside, you need to deal with potential things that can damage your eyes. Snow, dust, sand, and wind are all possible hazards to your vision. Studies reveal that snow reflects 80 percent of UV rays from the sun. The glare can burn your cornea and cause snow blindness. Sudden gusts of wind can carry dust and sand into your eyes. Grains of sand and particles of dust can scratch and damage your eyes. Wearing sunglasses can help shield your eyes from the elements and from the sun as well.

Break From Migraines or Headaches


Clinical research suggests that some people start getting terrible headaches or debilitating migraines when they step out on a sunny day without sunglasses. Others experience eye fatigue and eye strain when they spend time in the hot sun. When you wear sunglasses, you help prevent these painful episodes and just enjoy your day outside.

Prevent Sun-Related Eye Conditions

Eye specialists advise that if you expose our eyes to bright sunlight too long, you are at risk of developing sun-related eye diseases. Cataracts, pterygium, glaucoma, and macular degeneration can start inflicting damage in your eyes if you don’t wear the right sunglasses. You can also develop skin cancer because the skin around your eyes gets exposed to the hot sun as well. Clinical evidence shows that about 10 percent of diagnosed skin cancers occur next to the eyes.

Helps You Recover


Having recent eye surgery should prompt you to wear sunglasses in the sun all the time. Ophthalmologists usually tell their PRK or LASIK patients to wear sunglasses with UV protection right after the procedure. If you wear proper sunglasses after your eye surgery, you protect your eyes from UV damage while they heal.

Safer Driving


Safety analysts report that you should wear sunglasses when you’re driving. On a bright, sunny day, sunlight can bounce off from anything at any time. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection can protect you from extreme brightness from driving during a sunny day. This allows you to focus on the road better as you get to your destination.

Wearing sunglasses in the sun is a good habit to have. It can help keep your eyes safe and healthy. Here at TMS Eye Care, we can help you choose the right sunglasses each time you go out in the sun. You can visit our offices in Kansas, for a walk-in consultation. Please call us at 316-669-4760 (Wichita 67206), 316-686-7212 (Wichita 67214), or 620-442-2577 (Arkansas City). That way, we can answer your questions or help you set an appointment.