How Ortho-K Contacts Can Help Kids Suffering From Myopia

If your child is nearsighted, glasses or contact lenses may help correct their vision. But, there is a lesser-known effective treatment called orthokeratology, or ortho-K.


What Is Ortho-K?


Ortho-K is a vision correction treatment that uses special ortho-K contact lenses. The lenses reshape the cornea and correct the cornea’s curvature, improving vision. Not only does ortho-K help with visibility, but it also slows the progression of myopia. That is why you may hear eye doctors refer to the lenses as corneal refractive therapy lenses.


The ortho-K contact lenses are rigid and gently press on the cornea’s surface during the night. It reshapes it and fixes the refractive error. The child takes out the lenses in the morning and can see clearly throughout the day without glasses or contacts. In the evening, he or she puts the lenses back on, and the cycle continues.


Who Is Suited for the Ortho-K Lenses?


Ortho-K lenses are suitable for both children and adults. But, they have the best results for children between 6 and 12 years. The lenses may only correct vision for patients with light or mild myopia. They are not suggested for patients with severe myopia. The right candidate’s eye health must also be good. Speaking with an optometrist would be the best way to determine if your child’s case is suited for ortho-K lenses.


The Benefits of Using Ortho-K Lenses


1. It Slows or Stops Myopia Progression


Glasses and soft contact lenses only aid vision without correcting the underlying condition. So, with time, myopia becomes severe. But, ortho-K lenses aid vision while still controlling myopia. They also lessen the child’s chances of contracting severe eye conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal detachment later on in life.


2. You Won’t Have to Replace Glasses and Contacts All the Time


With kids, accidents happen all the time. He or she may break glasses or lose the contacts. Also, lenses may get scratches reducing their usefulness. Each time, parents have to replace the visual aids. But, with ortho-K lenses, the child won’t have to wear lenses during the day. The risk of accidents reduces considerably.


3. Your Child Can Move About Freely


Putting on eyewear comes with limitations because you must take care of your glasses or lenses to avoid damage. Adults have to suffer through that all day. It gets worse for children because they have to suppress the desire to play freely with their mates. A child may also have self-esteem problems if he or she is the only one wearing glasses among peers. There have been cases where children have opted to have reduced vision than wear glasses. For cases like these, ortho-K lenses are a better alternative. The child can leave the eyewear at home and still enjoy improved vision.


4. Ortho-K Lenses Are a Safer Option


Although ortho-K lenses press on the cornea, they do it so gently the child cannot feel anything. Users adjust quickly and easily. So long as the lenses are fitted by an accredited and experienced eye doctor, you can also be sure they are safe. They will work as well as advertised.


Ortho-K lenses are good for correcting your child’s myopia presently and preventing its deterioration in the long term. Bring your child for an eye exam to determine his or her suitability for ortho-K lenses. Visit TMS Eyecare in Arkansas City and Wichita, Kansas. You can also call (620) 442-2577, (316) 686-7212, or (316) 669-4760 to request an appointment.