Tips to Prevent the Progression of Glaucoma

There are many different diseases that can affect our eyes with one of the most well-known of these diseases being glaucoma. Glaucoma affects an estimated 3 million people living within the United States as well as many more others worldwide. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to prevent the progression of glaucoma and help you retain your vision for as long as possible.

What to Expect At Your Child’s First Eye Exam

Eyecare is a critical part of your overall health. Just as you would have your child go to a physical or dental check-up, you should also ensure that they are attending eye exams as well. For parents and children alike, the unknown can be scary. At TMS Eyecare, we are committed to putting your worries at ease. Here, we will discuss exactly what you should expect during your child’s first eye exam.

Who’s a Candidate for Scleral Lenses?

Contact lenses may be a very popular and successful way of correcting the vision of patients who suffer from refractive eye errors such as near-sightedness or far-sightedness, but this doesn’t make them suitable for everyone. In fact, there are several different demographics of patients that are unable to wear regular contact lenses. Fortunately, there is a solution -scleral lenses. Scleral lenses are a variety of specialty contact lens, designed specifically for those patients for whom standard contact lenses are not a viable option.

We had so much fun at Lexi’s 5k and would like to thank the organizers for such a wonderful event.

While it doesn’t have to be summer or even sunny in order for you wear sunglasses, here is the answer as to why you should.

We are excited to announce that we are moving our Woodlawn office to Oak Creek office park on East 21st Street. The new building will be ready sometime around the end of 2017/early 2018.

Vision guides our learning experiences from the moment we are born. Unfortunately though, our ability to see is not automatic, just like all of our skills and abilities, our vision develops over time.

By now most of us have dumped buckets of ice water on ourselves and gotten on board with the ALS awareness movement (consider yourself challenged if you haven’t yet).

Specs4Us was created and founded by optician, Maria Dellapina, whose daughter was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

We had a blast in support of this special gal and her family. If you need a little inspiration, look no further. Please keep them in your prayers.