Help do something good.

By now most of us have dumped buckets of ice water on ourselves and gotten on board with the ALS awareness movement (consider yourself challenged if you haven’t yet). I personally love it, to see the excitement that both adults and especially the kids seem to have is wonderful – granted most of the time I think the kids are just excited to see their folks squirm and shiver! I hope that we all keep it up though, not just with ALS awareness but with “people out there need help” awareness. I hope that we nurture that sense of awareness in our children so that it becomes a virtue they live by. By example we can show them that they can do good for someone in need and in doing so they will feel even better about themselves.
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Just Keep Swimming

At some point in our lives we are dealt a blow and face hardships, sometimes many.  I hope that the next time I face tribulations that my response mirrors that of this young lady and her family.  11 year old Mallorie was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia in December of 2013.  She has undergone multiple treatments and spent way more time in the hospital than any kiddo should.  Now, Mallorie isn’t your average 11 year old as you will quickly see if you read her Mom’s take:  When It All Falls Out.
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Your Family Optometrists