Help do something good.

Lexi's Lamb 5kBy now most of us have dumped buckets of ice water on ourselves and gotten on board with the ALS awareness movement (consider yourself challenged if you haven’t yet). I personally love it, to see the excitement that both adults and especially the kids seem to have is wonderful – granted most of the time I think the kids are just excited to see their folks squirm and shiver! I hope that we all keep it up though, not just with ALS awareness but with “people out there need help” awareness. I hope that we nurture that sense of awareness in our children so that it becomes a virtue they live by. By example we can show them that they can do good for someone in need and in doing so they will feel even better about themselves.

There are no shortage of areas to become involved, even in a small way. People you know, people you don’t, people across the world and here in our town are in need. Lexi’s Lamb is a local organization that was formed to be a means to do some good. Lexi’s Lamb works in local hospitals to provide support for sick kids and their families. For the full story check out and follow them on Facebook.

TMS Eyecare is proud to be a sponsor of the inaugural Lexi’s 5k, happening October 26th at 2:00 PM in Sedgwick County Park. This event will not only be fun (thanks to the organizers for picking a cooler time of year btw) but will help to raise money and keep the good people who are Lexi’s Lamb out there helping make someone’s day better. You can register on their website (link above) or at either GoRun store in Wichita. Hope to see you there!

Made in the shade(s).

sunwearSummer is officially here. Well, technically it’s still Spring in Wichita but school’s out, pools are open and the heat is ramping up.  While it doesn’t have to be summer or even sunny in order for you to get your sunglasses on it is a good time to look at why it’s important.

Now the obvious answer is “because my coolness factor jumps by 5x.” While this is true it’s probably the least important reason in the grand scheme of things.  Protection is why, as I’m sure most of you know, protection from the evil UV rays that cause skin cancer (your eyelids are a very common spot to develop skin cancer by the way). Those same UV rays are one of the major causes of growths on the eye like pinguecula, a thickening of the clear membrane that overlies the white of the eye; and callous-like growths that can extend over the cornea (pterygium). UV exposure also is a contributor to early cataract development and macular degeneration. gunshades So defend your eyes, and try as hard as you can to get your kids to wear sunglasses too.  UV damage is a cumulative thing so early prevention is best.  Sunglasses offer a good defense from damage caused by UV A and UV B rays but please – please – please make sure you’re getting true protection. Your pupils will dilate more behind the dark tint of sunglasses, if the shades do not provide adequate UV protection, you can do more harm than good by wearing them as more UV rays will enter through a larger pupil.  When buying your shades (non-Rx) look for either “100% UV A and UV B blocking” or “UV400″ on the label.  Or feel free to stop in to any of our offices and we can help put together a prescription set for you.  Either way, get protected and get your kids into the habit of wearing their shades early on.  Now get out there, enjoy the summer and look awesome doing it!


Just Keep Swimming


At some point in our lives we are dealt a blow and face hardships, sometimes many.  I hope that the next time I face tribulations that my response mirrors that of this young lady and her family.  11 year old Mallorie was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia in December of 2013.  She has undergone multiple treatments and spent way more time in the hospital than any kiddo should.  Now, Mallorie isn’t your average 11 year old as you will quickly see if you read her Mom’s take:  When It All Falls Out.

Her prognosis is positive but she will continue to need treatment for the next several years. This brings me to the point. To help the family with medical expenses, a 5k race/silent auction/general good time and fun morning fundraiser has been scheduled beginning at 9AM April 26, 2014 at Andover Central Park.  ALL proceeds from the event will go directly to Mallorie and her parents.  We are proud to help sponsor this event and hope that you will come participate, get your face painted, have a good time and maybe even run a race.  You can sign up here: Team Mallorie 5k and Fun Run Online Registration  or stop by any of the TMS Eyecare offices to pick up a paper registration form.  For more information about the event (as it develops) check out Team Mallorie and Team Mallorie – Leg Up On Leukemia 5k and Fun Run on Facebook.  We hope to see you there!

Team Mallorie


Little Bear Little Bear, What Do You See? Your Infant’s Vision.

Vision guides our learning experiences from the moment we are born. Unfortunately though, our ability to see is not automatic, just like all of our skills and abilities, our vision develops over time.  Your infant’s vision changes rapidly over the first six months of life. When first born we see very little detail past about 10 inches (perfect for seeing the faces of Mom and Dad). During this time faces and high contrast targets will keep your baby’s attention best.
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