I See Spots.

“Floaters” are easily one of the most common conditions that we answer questions about. These little spots that annoy and distract are something that many of us live with. I recently came across this TedTalk video that does a great job describing just what these little guys are all about. Take 4 minutes 5 seconds and check it out.

Now most of the time floaters are harmless. They can however, be a sign of impending problems. So if you see bright flickers or flashes followed by new floaters, especially that seem to really block or blur your vision, or if you see a influx of lots of new floaters over a short period of time then you need to get your eyes checked out ASAP.

When are Eye Floaters and Flashes a Medical Emergency?

A thorough dilated eye exam will quickly determine if your floaters are the normal and annoying variety or a problem that needs intervention by a retinal specialist.

Help do something good.

Lexi's Lamb 5kBy now most of us have dumped buckets of ice water on ourselves and gotten on board with the ALS awareness movement (consider yourself challenged if you haven’t yet). I personally love it, to see the excitement that both adults and especially the kids seem to have is wonderful – granted most of the time I think the kids are just excited to see their folks squirm and shiver! I hope that we all keep it up though, not just with ALS awareness but with “people out there need help” awareness. I hope that we nurture that sense of awareness in our children so that it becomes a virtue they live by. By example we can show them that they can do good for someone in need and in doing so they will feel even better about themselves.

There are no shortage of areas to become involved, even in a small way. People you know, people you don’t, people across the world and here in our town are in need. Lexi’s Lamb is a local organization that was formed to be a means to do some good. Lexi’s Lamb works in local hospitals to provide support for sick kids and their families. For the full story check out www.lexislamb.org and follow them on Facebook.

TMS Eyecare is proud to be a sponsor of the inaugural Lexi’s 5k, happening October 26th at 2:00 PM in Sedgwick County Park. This event will not only be fun (thanks to the organizers for picking a cooler time of year btw) but will help to raise money and keep the good people who are Lexi’s Lamb out there helping make someone’s day better. You can register on their website (link above) or at either GoRun store in Wichita. Hope to see you there!

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